Kathy P. Miller
Artist Statement

As a digital photographer, Kathy Miller works to capture poignant moments which will stir emotion in the viewer. She strives to portray the silence of the soul, be it a person or place. Artistic compositions of people, places, abstracts of line and form, and everyday life remain the subjects of her work. She seeks to convey through her portraits the zero-degree of expression, the instant where the subject is not
being influenced by or reacting to any external stimuli.

Kathy is also known to inject her sense of humor into her work with absurd or unexpected elements, which are reflective of her satirical viewpoint of the world around her. Kathy makes social statements that poke fun at the archetypical models in today’s society.

Through the staging of props and careful creative art direction, Kathy conveys the meaning of the photograph that is the world as she sees it. She takes risks to imprint her style, thoughts and feelings into her photographs. Kathy uses color, light and composition to enhance the viewers’ experience. By controlling the frame and everything in it, Kathy achieves maximum visual impact and meaning.

Artist Biography

Born in St. Louis, MO, Kathy Miller was first introduced to the art of photography in the 1980’s. She proceeded to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Southern Illinois University, and worked in the fashion retailing industry. Kathy developed a keen eye and appreciation for the power of advertising and photography as a retail buyer during the rise of the catalog industry in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Working first for an entrepreneurial start-up catalog company in St. Louis, MO, then moving to Dallas, TX to work for the catalog division of Neiman Marcus, Kathy has always been inspired by the art of fashion and photography. The social and economic impact of fashion and photography’s relationship to it has been a source of fascination for Kathy throughout her career.

Kathy left the fashion industry to raise her children in the year 2000. Over the next ten years, Kathy rediscovered her own passion for photography as her “art form.” Through photography, Kathy was able to articulate and respond to the feelings she had about the world she found herself submerged in after shedding the corporate identity.

Kathy’s photography has been used to help launch “Our Hands, His Heart” ministry in Rockwall, TX, as well as the new product launch of the Aspirinpod. Kathy has assisted world-renowned photographer Jean Ann Bybee on her food styling book, assisted photographers shooting national ads for Hershey Co., as well as corporate brochures. Kathy also uses her photographic skills to design marketing materials for retail store buyers interested in purchasing the Michael Kors fashion merchandise for their stores.

Kathy’s photographic expertise lies in her creative ability to tell narrative stories through her photographs, while maintaining tight control of the frame and everything in it.


2 responses to “About

  1. Ruth Keefer

    Kathy, I am amazed at your creativity! Love the red blogging, too. Can’t wait to “see through your eyes” again and again! All the best, Ruth K., Dallas, TX

  2. Your daughter

    “Kathy is also known to inject her sense of humor into her work with absurd or unexpected elements, which are reflective of her satirical viewpoint of the world around her”

    Is this supposed to be an autobiography? Because big words don’t exactly scream “Kathy has a sense of humor”…
    Satirical? Absurd? Can’t you just say funny?

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